About Us

Deep Legal Inc. is a legal tech company based in Toronto, Canada. We believe in making legal services more accessible through technology.

What we do


1. We allow users to find, rate and connect with lawyers.

2. We manage and organize legal information and apply machine learning to gain insights.


Allow lawyers to sign up and provide legal services within the App.

Comparison with others

1. Functionality

Our search feature is fast and powerful.

We support rating and have the most data (Toronto as reference) :

NameRating supported?# of lawyers in Toronto
👑 deep.legal 👑 Yes👑 (All) 26178

2. User experience

deep.legal works on any device with clean, fast UI

Our vision

As users, we envision legal consultation can be simpler, cheaper, and faster.

As lawyers, we envision case intake can be smoother with data analysis and machine learning built-in.

Founded in 2020, we are a younger company and move faster. We want to use our decades of legal and technology expertise to improve the legal consultation ecosystem.